2020 Spring Projects

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EE = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
CpE = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering
ME = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

NOTE 1: Motorsports ME students are given preference on all Motorsports projects
NOTE 2: Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects
NOTE 3: Biomedical ME students are given preference on all biomedical projects
NOTE 4: CPM ME students are given preference on all CPM projects

Project Supporter Project Name Discipline Concentration 
Ametek CSI Design of a Mechanical Attachment Method for Pipe Heat Tracing System ME  
ASML Damping of Flexure-Mounted System CpE, EE, ME  
ASSA ABLOY Spring-Tube Automation Machine  EE, ME  
Atrium Health Finite Element Analysis in Orthopaedics  ME  
Caterpillar Redesign of Remotely Enabled Crane Lifting Mechanism for Front End Loader CpE, EE, ME  
Charlotte Douglas International Airport Baggage Handling Load Balancing and System Optimization  EE, ME, SE  
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry  Design of a System to Reliably Remove Parting Lines on Sand Molds Used for Pipe Casting CpE, EE, ME  
Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Design for Implementation of AGVs in the Deere-Hitachi Factory ME, SE  
DENSO Bearing Press Failure on DC Motor Assembly SJ66 EE, ME, SE  
Discovery Place Science Center Design and Develop an Interactive Knowledge Center for the Natural History Exhibit Space CpE, EE, ME  
Doosan Portable Power Design of a Battery Powered Solar Light Tower EE, ME  
Duke Energy  Brunswick Battery Calculation Conversions  CpE, ME  Energy
Electrolux Design of Restricted Vent Detection for Residential Dryer CpE, EE, ME, SE  
Electrolux Design of an Electronic Gas Valve CpE, EE, ME  
EPRI Design of Manual Spent Fuel Pool NDE Sensor Delivery Tool  CpE, EE, ME Energy
EPRI Design of a Proof-of-Concept Method to Assess Welding Quality using Sound or Vibration  CpE, EE, SE  
EPRI  Design of a Proof-of-Concept Non-Destructive Testing Device using the Metal Magnetic Memory Method CpE, EE, ME  
EPRI Wind Turbine Design Project - Phase 2 CpE, EE, ME Energy
Huesker Inc Design and Fabrication of Raw Material Handling System ME, SE  
Hydromer Inc Design of an Automated Spray Coating System for Viscous Coating Solutions  CpE, EE, ME  
Kenny's Components Design of a Safer Race Seat  Mounting System for 90 Degree Race Seats  ME Motorsports
Oerlikon Design Capacity Expansion for Additive Manufacturing Bin Collector System EE, ME  
Orano USA Optimization and Partial Demonstration of Oxalic Acid Dissolution System ME, SE  
Siemens Design/Build of a Portable Large Stud Removal and Minor Machining Operations Machine for Steam Turbine Casings  ME  
TC Transcontinental Advance Coatings Development of Precision Measurement Device for Coating Dies  ME  
UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering LEGO Kit Part Sorting Robot CpE, EE, ME  
UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering Real-Time Object Detection and Localization using Optical-See-Through Mixed Reality Glass CpE, EE  
UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering  FPGA Secure Design Flow CpE, EE  
UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering Virtual Keyboard Based on Vibration Localization  CpE, EE  
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering Hierarchical Bio Inspired Structures as Potential Energy Absorbers ME  
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering FSAE Electric Vehicle Design ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering FSAE Aero ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering FSAE Carbon Fiber Chassis Design  ME Motorsports 
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering Universal Manufacturing Apparatus for Carbon Fiber Tube/Airfoils EE, ME  
UNC Charlotte Systems Engineering Visualization and Analytics of Design Configurations and Facility Layouts  SE