Information for Prospective Supporters

Students working in the Industrial Solutions Lab
  • the opportunity to initiate elective research projects
  • collaboration with UNC Charlotte research faculty
  • the design, analysis, testing and creative talent of students
  • the creation of innovative and competitive products at a low cost
  • the development of improved manufacturing or business processes
  • access to world-class technical facilities (faculty experts, machine shops, specialized labs, and equipment)
  • the opportunity to market and advertise your company
  • the opportunity to interact with and recruit potential employees
  • networking at the end-of-semester presentations and competition
  • corporate name recognition

Implementing Industry Supported Projects provides information on the implementation of a Senior Design Project. It also includes the expectations of the industry supporter during the project as well as the expectations of the students and the project faculty mentor.

We are currently soliciting commitments from companies interested in participating in the program for the Spring 2025 semester. Each company supporting a project is requested to complete the Spring 2025 – Senior Design Project Input document.

Each student must also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so there are no industry secrets divulged in the student reports. If you have any questions concerning Non-Disclosure or Intellectual Property, we are very flexible and willing to work with you.