2021 Fall Projects

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EE = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
CpE = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering
ME = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

NOTE 1: Motorsports ME students are given preference on all Motorsports projects
NOTE 2: Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects
NOTE 3: Biomedical ME students are given preference on all biomedical projects
NOTE 4: CPM ME students are given preference on all CPM projects

Project Supporter Project Name Discipline Concentration
Annihilare Process Chemistry Measurement System CpE, EE, ME
ASML Precision Mechanics Applications of Metal Fusion Fastening Methods EE, ME
Atom Power Intelligent Robotic Actuators for High Effecient Test Bed for SSCB CpE, EE, ME
Barrday Corp Weft Cutting Optimized for Aramid Yarns on Airjet Weaving Machines EE, ME
Belmont Trolley Retrofit Design of Trolley from Diesel to Battery Power EE, ME Motorsports
CAPER A BEES Distributed Intelligence Application for Native Load Energy Management EE Energy
Carrier Design Automation to Support Commercial HVAC Chiller Products CpE, ME
Carrier Development of a Water Mist System for Evaporative Cooling in Chiller Operations – 30 XV or 30RC CpE, EE, ME, SE
CIRCOR Twin-Screw Pump Wear Testing EE, ME, SE
CIRCOR Zenith Gear Pump Leakage Model ME
ClickFold Plastics Automation of a Bevel Trim Station CpE, EE, ME
Continental Tire Design and Development of an Engineering Test Fixture for Retread Tire Testing CpE, EE, ME
Continental Tire Design of a High Capacity Tread Loading Cartridge EE, ME Motorsports
Duke Energy Design of a Frictionless Charging Station CpE, EE, ME Energy
Electrolux Design and Build of a Portable Shadowgraph System CpE, EE, ME
Endress+Houser / Carotek Design and Build of a Fluid Dynamics Lab Demonstration Apparatus EE, ME
EPRI Steam Turbine Solid Particle Erosion Damage Vulnerability Detection Method ME, SE Energy
EPRI A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility-Scale PV Plants – Phase 6 CpE, EE, ME Energy
EPRI Encoding Manual Ultrasonic Testing in Industrial Nondestructive Evaluation CpE, EE, ME, SE Energy
EPRI Cyber Security Detection Using a Zeek Raspberry PI Sensor CpE, EE Energy
Fontaine Modification Universal Commercial Truck Drive Shaft and Wheelbase Measuring System ME Motorsports
Freightlinder Custom Chassis Design of a Virtual Reality Training Tool CpE, EE
GKN Automotive Design of a Modular Mechanical Data Acquisition system for Assembly Stations CpE, EE, ME, SE
GKN Automotive Automation of Inspection Function to Reduce Part Handling CpE, EE, ME
Ingersoll Rand Company Electrostatic Oil Demister for a Rotary Screw Air Compressor EE, ME
J&L Machine and Fabrication Operations Re-engineering SE
Lawrence Livermore Labs Mobile Metrology Station for GOM Structured Light Scanner ME
Lowe’s Design and Build of a Test Certification Station – Phase 2 CpE, EE, ME
Michelin Aircraft Tire Company Design of an Auto-Collapse Drum EE, ME Motorsports
NAVAIR AH-1Z Weapon Pylon Sling Design ME
NAVAIR Design of a H-53 Blade Lifting Device ME
NAVAIR Design of a MIL-STD-1553 Bus Analyzer CpE, EE, ME
NAVAIR Development of a Mechanical Method of Measurement for the F402 (Harrier) Hot Nozzle CpE, EE, ME
Orano Digital Twin for Power Distribution from an Advanced Reactor to a Power Grid with Renewables and to Alternative Energy Production Methods CpE, EE, ME, SE Energy
Oxit LoRaWan Based Panic Button CpE, EE
Pallet Tower LLC Real-Time Customizable Marking of Product During Extrusion and Laminating Process CpE, EE, ME
Polymers Center of Excellence Injection Mold Exchange Cart Motorization EE, ME
Schaeffler Group Active Suspension Driver Seat – Phase 2 CpE, EE, EE Motorsports
Schweitzer Engineering Labs Comparative Evaluation of Two Digital Secondary Systems for a Transmission Substation at Dominion Energy CpE, EE Energy
Siemens Energy HD-9 Adjustable Fixture Stand Design ME
Siemens Energy Design of a Pressurized Rotor Plug Seal ME
Thomas Built Buses Redesign of a Common Luggage Compartment for Buses EE, ME
US Legend Cars International Research and Design for Improved Engine Performance ME Motorsports
USASOC Quiet Drone ME
USASOC Remote Drone Recharging CpE, EE, ME
WEBER Design of a Non-Destructive Feed Brake for Screw Delivery ME
UNC Charlotte ECE Robotic Delivery System for UNCC Campus – Algorithm Design and Implementation CpE, EE, ME
UNC Charlotte ECE Robotic Delivery System for UNCC Campus – Map Generation and Path Planning CpE, EE, ME
UNC Charlotte ECE Dynamically Steerable Metasurface Antennas Using Piezoelectric Actuators CpE, EE
UNC Charlotte ET / NASA NASA Robotic Mining Competition: Lunabotics CpE, EE, ME, SE
UNC Charlotte ET / AFRL AFRL University Design Competition CpE, EE, ME
UNC Charlotte ME Rapid Vitrifying and Rewarming Device for Large Quantities of Cells ME Biomedical
UNC Charlotte ME FSAE Internal Combustion Vehicle EE, ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte ME FSAE Electric Vehicle CpE, EE, ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte ME Magnetorheological Linear Motor EE, ME
UNC Charlotte ME Dynamic Responses of Advanced Materials ME
UNC Charlotte ME / NASA NASA University Student Launch Initiative CpE, EE, ME
UNC Charlotte COE Design and Fabrication of a Hand-Held Extendable Mechanical Manipulator ME
UNC Charlotte SE Transportation Infrastructure Perception Data Fusion and Detection Using AI Technology – Phase 2 CpE, EE, SE