2021 Spring Projects

Click on the project name to see the Project’s Statement of Work.

EE = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
CpE = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering
ME = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

NOTE 1: Motorsports ME students are given preference on all Motorsports projects
NOTE 2: Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects
NOTE 3: Biomedical ME students are given preference on all biomedical projects
NOTE 4: CPM ME students are given preference on all CPM projects

Project Supporter Project Name Discipline Concentration
Ametek CSI Design and Build of a Testing Device for Sulfur Run-Down Lines ME
Caterpillar Pitch and Roll Indication and Display for a Small Wheel Loader CpE, EE, ME
Charlotte Douglas International Airport Airport Overlook Site Design CV
Charlotte Pipe Design of a Motor/Gear Maintenance Alert Device CpE, EE, ME
CommScope Sustainable Alternatives to Fiber Optic Cable Disposal EE, ME, SE
Cummins Combustion Cylinder Bore Imaging EE, ME
Daimler Re-design of a Frame Rail De-Nesting Operation EE, ME, SE
EPRI Design of a Proof-of-Concept Tool to Assess Welding Quality using Sound or Vibration – Phase 2 CpE, EE, ME Energy
EPRI Design of a Test Frame Based on Results of the EPRI_FEM Project CpE, EE, ME Energy
EPRI Development of Alternate NDE Method for Steam Generator Tubes CpE, EE, ME Energy
Electrolux Design of Water Reclamation System for Fabric Care Reliability Lab EE, ME, SE, CV
Globalstratos Inc. Infrastructure Design for Asseza Multiplex Container Laboratory – Phase 2 CpE, EE, ME
JELD-WEN Optimization of Bi-Fold Flow Cell EE, ME, SE
Kaleideum/Bosch Community Fund Design and Develop an Interactive Physics Exhibit CpE, EE, ME
NASCENT Technology Time Series Analysis of IIoT Gate Queuing Infrastructure CpE, EE
NAVAIR Harmonic Vibration Reduction Study EE, ME
Oerlikon Design and Implementation of a Smart Re-Coater in a Laser Based Metal Additive Manufacturing System CpE, EE, ME
Polymers Technology Center Cooling System for Extruder Filament EE, ME
PSI Control Solutions Design for a Small Parts Stocking and Replenishment System SE
Stanley Black and Decker Design of a Product Test Lab EE, ME, SE
UNC Charlotte ECE Quantative Electroluminescence CpE, EE
UNC Charlotte ECE LUT – Camouflaging CpE, EE
UNC Charlotte ISL Design and Development of a Lunar Lander System CpE, EE, ME, SE
UNC Charlotte ME Temperature Controlled Whole Organ Perfusion System EE, ME BioMedical
UNC Charlotte ME FSAE Aero – Phase 2 ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte ME FSAE Electric Vehicle Powertrain – Phase 2 EE, ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte ME Water Channel Flow Characterization and Optimization ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte ME M-15 Tire Cornering Force Test Modifications EE, ME Motorsports