2017 Spring Projects

Click on the project name to see the Project's Statement of Work.

B = Bioengineering
E = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
Cp = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering
M = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

Projects are posted as the company indicates they will support a project.

NOTE 1:  NASA Projects require US Citizenship
NOTE 2:  Motor Sports ME students are given preference on all motor sports projects
NOTE 3:  Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects

Supporter Discipline Project Name Energy
AREVA M  Conceptual Design of an Escort Railcar using a Buffer Trailer E
Baldor Cp, E, M  Rotation System for Total Indicator Runout E, M
Bosch Rexroth M, SE  Rotating Fixture Design  
CAPER Cp, E  Battery Energy Storage at the Distribution Level E
Cardinal Health E, M  Energy Reduction Audit E, M
Cardinal Health Cp, M, SE  Finished Product Distribution System  
Carrier (UTC) Cp, E, M, SE  Insertion of PIC6 on 30 XV Chillers  
EPRI M  Finite Element Analysis on Exhaust Stacks M
EPRI E, M  Low-Cost Secondary Voltage (and Current) Sensing for Control and Verification of CVR and Volt-var Optimization Applications E, M
Facilities Management E, M, SE  Fume Hood Study  
Legrand M, SE  Legrand Waste Reduction.pdf  
Navair M  NP2000 Sling Adapter  
Schaeffler Group USA M, SE  Radial Cage Optimization  
Sealed Air E, M  Dishwasher Automatic Wash System  
Stabilus M  Sales Demo/Display to Demonstrate Improved Performance of Gas Filled Damper  
UNC Charlotte SE  Cloud Manufacturing: An Approach for Designing New Manufacturing Facilities  
UNC Charlotte M  Fabrication of a neutron radiation and micro-Raman microscopy facility  
UNC Charlotte SE  Investigation of Drone Applications Vegetation Management and on Campus Mail Delivery M
UNC Charlotte M, B Development of a Protocol for Efficient Injection of Bioceramics Drug Delivery System  
UNC Charlotte Motorsports M FSAE Race Car Development  
UNC Charlotte Motorsports M BAJA Race Car Development  
UNC Charlotte Motorsports M Auto Cross Race Car Development  
UNC Charlotte Motorsports M Exhaust Heat Recover System for Large Diesel Engine  
UNC Charlotte Motorsports M Jet Engine Test Stand Using APU from Chinook Helicopters  
UNC Charlotte Motorsports ME Construction of a Ram Tuning Laboratory  
Winbro Group Technologies Cp, E, M  Winbro Part Inspection E, M