2017 Fall Projects

Click on the project name to see the Project’s Statement of Work.

B = Bioengineering
E = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
Cp = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering
M = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

Projects are posted as the company indicates they will support a project.

NOTE 1: NASA Projects require US Citizenship
NOTE 2: Motor Sports ME students are given preference on all motor sports projects
NOTE 3: Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects

Supporter Discipline Project Name Energy
AFRL Cp, E, M, SE AFRL Space Debris Mitigation.pdf
Ametek – CSI M, SE Ametek-CSI Fabrication Optimization
ARDEC E, M ARDEC – Field Expediant Capabilities Program_v5.pdf
AREVA M Areva Design of Impact Limiters for Nuclear Dry Storage Casks.pdf E
Atom Power Cp, E, M Atom Power GaN Solid-State Circuit Breaker.pdf E
Baldor ABB SE Dual Warehouse Process Optimization
CAPER Cp, E CAPER Microgrid Design for a Solar and BESS facility.pdf E
Cardinal M, SE Cardinal Health Parts Counter Project.pdf
Center for Precision Metrology E, M Center for Precision Metrology – Design of Optical Sensing Systems – Dual Project.pdf
Commscope Cp, E, M Commscope – Redesign of Picabond Grease Injection and Sealing Machine.pdf
Continental Tire M Continental Tire – Tire Design Model to prevent Groove Wander.pdf M
CRI E, M CRI Display Project modeled after UNCC_DEMO1.pdf
Dinamic Oil Cp, E, M Dinamic Oil Optical Cable Winch Spooling System.pdf
Duke Energy Cp, E Duke Energy – Device and Meter placement – Phase 2.pdf E
Duke McGuire Station E, M Duke McGuire Station – Single Cell Battery Tester.pdf E
EPIC Cp, E EPIC-Fault Location and Dissipation in a Weak Source Power Grid.pdf E
EPRI M EPRI – New Design and Manufacturing Techniques for Pipe Fittings to reduce Corrosion.pdf E
EPRI Cp, E, M EPRI – Thermal Fatigue Monitoring Using Network Cameras.pdf E
EPRI E, M EPRI Quadcopter Design Optimization and Base Station Development.pdf E
EPRI Cp, E, M EPRI Remote Electrical Distribution Pad Mount Transformer Monitoring.pdf E
EPRI E, M EPRI Self Sufficient Vegetative Managment System – Phase II.pdf E
General Electric E, M GE Aviation Automating CFM 56 Part Transfer.pdf
Genesis Water Technologies Cp, Cv, E, M Genesis Water Technologies – Lithium Recovery Process – Dual Project.pdf
GKN Driveline M GKN Driveline Gear Cutting and Grinding Optimization.pdf
Interroll E, M Interroll Drum Motor Test Apparatus.pdf
Livingston and Haven SE Livingston and Haven MGE MFG and Quoting Center Optimization.pdf
Lowes M, SE Lowes Lawnmover Blade Design and Characterization.pdf
Mammoth Machine Cp, E, M Mammoth Machine – Stippling Machine Design.pdf
NAVAIR E, M NAVAIR H-53 Tail Drive Shaft Locking Device.pdf
NAVAIR E, M NAVAIR Ruggedized Universal Power Supply for RTCASS ATE station (1).pdf
Rail Propulsion Systems E, M Rail Propulsion Systems – Alignment Free Wireless Power Transfer System for Fixed Guidway Vehicles-Rev1.pdf E
Schaffler E, M, SE Schaffler Electric Axle Transmission Demonstrator vehicle.pdf
Schweitzer Engineering Labs Cp, E Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Microgrid FEED Study for UNCC Campus.pdf E
Siemens Energy M Siemens Energy – Precise Drill Positioning.pdf E
Siemens Energy M Siemens Thermal Barrier Coating Standardization.pdf E
TE Connectivity E, M TE Connectivity – Automotive Environmental test chamber.pdf
TE Connectivity M, SE TE Connector – Environmental test chamber for 28 pin connector.pdf
Technimark E, M Technimark – Apparatus for Testing opening and closing forces v4.pdf
TTI Floorcare Cp, E, M, SE TTI Floorcare – Manipulative Effort Test Station Automation.pdf
UNC Charlotte E, M, SE UNCC NASA – University Student Launch Initiative – Competition 3.pdf
UNC Charlotte CPM E, M UNCC CPM Probe Setting for Moore UMM 100.pdf
UNC Charlotte ECE Cp, E UNCC ECE – Real-time Embedded Object Detection and tracking.pdf
UNCC Astrobotics Cp, E, M, SE UNCC Astrobotics 2.pdf
UNCC MEGR M UNCC MEGR Elastic Swim Robot.pdf
UTC Aerospace E, M, SE UTC Aerospace – Automated Utility Consumption Mapping and Display.pdf E
UTC Carrier E, M UTC Carrier Moisture Detector – Phase 2.pdf
UTC Carrier M UTC Carrier – Design Improvement for Heat Exchanger Tube Insertion.pdf