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EE = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
CpE = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering or Civil Engineering Technology
ME = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

NOTE 1: Motorsports ME concentration students are given preference on all Motorsports projects
NOTE 2: Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects
NOTE 3: Biomedical ME concentration students are given preference on all biomedical projects
NOTE 4: CPM ME concentration students are given preference on all CPM projects
NOTE 5: Machine Learning ECE concentration students are given preference on all machine learning projects

Project Supporter Project Name Discipline Concentration
ASML Precision Mechanics Applications Including Metal Fusion – Phase 4 ME, EE
BASF Design and Construction of a Lab Tool to Build an Asphalt Shingle EE, ME, CpE
Bosch Tools Manual Packaging Station Design Improvements ME, SE
Carotek Design and Build of a Process Demonstration Unit CpE, EE, ME
Cellular Farms Design and Prototyping of a Vertical Farm Platform EE, ME, CpE
Commscope Sustainable Alternatives to Fiber Optic Cable Disposal CET
Discovery Place Design and Build of a 21st Century Rube Goldberg Device CpE, EE, ME
Daimler Trucks NA – Cleveland Visual Capture of Attributes for Chassis Air Line and Harness Subassembly CpE, EE, ME Motorsports
Duke Energy Design of a Modular AMI Meter CpE, EE, ME Energy
Electrolux Bitumen Free Residential Dishwasher – Phase 2 ME, SE
Eli Lilly Bag Straightening Guide/Device for Optima Filling Line DBA-S ME
EPRI Design of a Solar Panel Cleaning Robot CpE, EE, ME Energy
EPRI Research and Testing of Various ISM Communications Data-Control Platforms CpE, EE, Energy
Framatome In-Pipe Cleaning and Surface Preparation Development and Optimization ME, EE Energy
Freightliner Custom Chassis Design of a Safer Vehicle Transfer Seat ME Motorsports
Husqvarna Design of a Pace Powered Dump-Cart or Wheelbarrow ME, EE Motorsports
Ideas for Good Adan Transport Design CpE, EE, ME Motorsports
Oerlikon Design and Build of a Heat Exchange/Cold Plate Test Rig for AM Components CpE, EE, ME
RWE Renewables America Advanced vibration sensors for wind turbines ME, EE Energy
Stabilus Design of a Field Measurement Device for Solar Dampers CpE, EE, ME
Steffes Weld and Assembly Process Improvement of Electric Skid Steer ME, SE Motorsports
Industrial Solutions Lab Design and Implementation of a Toolroom Organization System ME, EE
Wanzl Development of a drop test impact fixture ME
UNC Charlotte ME Analysis of the effect of metal ions on nerve cells viability and function ME Biomedical
UNC Charlotte ME Development of 3D printing protocol of SiC screw with improved quality and analysis of bone cell response ME Biomedical
UNC Charlotte ME Passive robotic locomotion via ambient energy harvesting ME