Spring 2021 Senior Design 2 Project Presentations


Welcome to our Spring 2021 Virtual Expo! The second semester narrated project posters are listed below.

Column 1 has the Company or Department that sponsored the project. Column 2 has the Project short name and Column 3 has the Project Title. Click on the project to review the narrated poster. Column 4 lists the Best Project Finalists. These teams secured this honor through outstanding scores in their design reviews and recommendations by their faculty mentors and grading instructors. You can click in the Video Finalists column to view the videos of the Best Project Video Finalists.

Thank you to all of our Industry/Department project supporters and I hope you enjoy the Virtual Expo!

Jim Hartman, Director – Industrial Solutions Laboratory

Project Supporter Project Short Name Project Presentations Expo Finalists Video Finalists
Actev Robotics ACTEV_RADAR Radar Obstacle Detection System
Atrium Health AH_ACL Biomechanical Analysis of Supplemental ACL Reconstruction Tibial-Sided Fixation
Atrium Health AH_CRYO Cryotherapy to Prevent Radiation-Induced Dermatitis and/or Alopecia
Ametek CSI AMETEK_PD2 Design and Build of a Scale Model of an Operating Flow and Pressure Device – Phase 2 Best Project Finalist
Barnabas Research BAR_SCUBA SCUBA AR Integration Project
UNC Charlotte ME – Biomedical BIO_NERVE Hypoxia Nerve Injury in the Microfluidic Platform
Bosch Rexroth BOSCH_TOOL2 Develop the Expansion of the UNC Charlotte Engineering Senior Design Tool Kit Website – Phase 2 Best Video Finalist
CAPER CAPER_BATT Battery Energy Storage Analysis
Carrier CARR_DATA3 Data Acquisition System for Industrial Machines – Phase 3
Carrier CARR_MIST2 Development of a Water Mist System for Evaporative Cooling in Chiller Application – Phase 2
CIRCOR CIR_WEAR Twin-Screw Pump Wear Testing
City StartUp Labs CSL_AQUASOL AquaSol Project
Decore-ative Specialties Inc DECORE_GLUE Automation of Glue Application Process Best Project Finalist
Dixon Quick Coupling DIXON_PRESS Burst and Static Pressure Testing System
Duke Energy DUKE_7KV2 7KV Switchgear Digital Relay Upgrade – Phase 2
Duke Energy DUKE_VOLT2 Load Profiles of Customer Classes and Feeder Voltage Profiles – Phase 2 3rd Place
Electrolux ELEC_VALID Adjoint Validation Test Stand
EPRI EPRI_MAIN5 A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility Scale PV Plants – Phase 5 2nd Place 1st Place
EPRI EPRI_ROV Design of an ROV for Containment Liner Plate Inspection
EPRI EPRI_VIS2 Underground Transmission Manhole Vault Inspection System – Phase 2 Best Project Finalist
EPRI EPRI_XRAY Remote System for Radiological Survey of Vertical Surfaces
Fontaine Modification FONT_RISE2 Adjustable Floor Riser – Phase 2 Best Project Finalist
UNC Charlotte ME – Motorsports FSAE_ELCHAS FSAE Electric Chassis
UNC Charlotte ME – Motorsports FSAE_POWER FSAE Powertrain
GKN ePowertrain GKN_TRAIN2 Assembly Training Station – Phase 2 Best Project Finalist Best Video Finalist
Globalstratos Inc GLOBAL_ASSEZA Infrastructure Design for Asseza Multiplex Container Laboratory Best Video Finalist
UNC Charlotte – ISL ISL_CAB Investigation and Selection and Commissioning of a 3D Printing Capability for the CAB Lab
IWCS IWCS_SVITCH Design and Build of a Small Multiplex Switch Module
Lowe’s LOWES_STATION Design and Build of a Test Certification Station
UNC Charlotte ET / NASA LUNA_COMP2 NASA Robotic Mining Competition 1st Place
NAVAIR NAV_H1 H-1 FST Drive Fluid Test Stand Best Project Finalist
NAVAIR NAV_PRESS Universal Fuel System Pressure Test Set Best Project Finalist
Orano USA ORANO_TAD2 Optimization Study for Off-Loading the Shearon Harris Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool using Transportable Aging and Disposal – Phase 2
Polymers Center of Excellence PCE_MOLD Design and Build of an Injection Mold Exchange and Transport Device Best Project Finalist 3rd Place
Powertec Industrial Motors PIM_ELEC Design and Development of Electric Motor Design Software Best Project Finalist Best Video Finalist
ReThink Respironics RETHINK_VENT The Shared Manifold Ventilator Best Video Finalist
Schweitzer Engineering Labs SEL_EVAL Comparative Evaluation of a Modern Substation with Conventional and Digital Secondary Systems
Schaeffler Group SG_SEAT Active Suspension Driver Seat
Siemens Energy SIEM_CELL Design of an Autonomous Manufacturing Process within a Robotic CNC Cell
Siemens Energy SIEM_FEA2 Generator Rotor Coil FEA Model Validation – Phase 2
SPX Flow SPX_ROTOR Redesign of Rotor Part to Achieve 30 Percent Weight Savings with 3D Metal Print Validation Best Video Finalist
Stabilus STAB_DEMO Universal Powerise Testing and Demonstration Platform Best Video Finalist
Timken TIM_ERGO2 Design for Improved Ergonomics for Shot Blast Operation
UNC Charlotte SE UNCC_3DRAPID Utilization of Experimental 3D Printing for Optimization of Rapid Prototyping
UNC Charlotte ET / Air Force Research Lab UNCC_AFRL3 Air Force Research Laboratory Universtiy Design Competition
UNC Charlotte ME – Motorsports UNCC_AUTOCROSS Autocross Suspension
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_CITY2 Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities – Phase 2
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_FLOW2 FPGA Secure Design Flow – Phase 2
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_GLASS Real-Time Object Detection and Localization using Optical-See-Through Mixed Reality Glass
UNC Charlotte SE UNCC_LOOP Optimization of Facility Layout Design via Feedback Loop between Physical and Psychophysical Criteria using Virtual Reality
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_META Additive Manufacturable Metasurface Antennas Best Project Finalist
UNC Charlotte ME UNCC_TEST2 Single Stage Rocket Test Stand – Phase 2
UNC Charlotte SE UNCC_TRAN Transportation Infrastructure Perception and Data Fusion
UNC Charlotte ME UNCC_VISCOUS Particle Manipulation in Viscous Streaming Flows Via Reinforcement Learning
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_WORK Artificial Intelligence for Powered Augmented Reality for Workers
UNC Charlotte ME / NASA USLI_COMP6 NASA Student Launch Initiative
Ward Vessel and Exchanger WARD_BEVEL Design of a Machine to Bevel Half Pipe 2nd Place
Will Rice WRICE_RAIL Small Track Rail Speeder