Spring 2020 Virtual Expo

Spring 2020 Virtual Expo

Welcome to our Spring 2020 Virtual Expo! We regret not being able to meet in person due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but we have tried to create a venue for our first and second semester students to show their work. For First Semester (SD1) students, you will see their posters via a narrated presentation. We are continuing our tradition of having a “People’s Choice” award opportunity for SD 1 students. You can vote for your favorite SD 1 project in a Google poll we set up. For Second semester (SD2) students, you can watch their project videos. Due to the Covid situation, many of the teams were not able to complete their builds. In addition, the students were asked to leave campus and in some cases, the teams are geographically dispersed. Therefore, the Project Videos were not able to be completed by all of the teams. For the teams that were able to complete, we continued with the project evaluations and award of “Best Project” and “Best Project Video”. We were not able to have industry judges, so the Senior Design Committee evaluated the projects and selected the finalist and winners which you can see at the links below. Award winner links will be live at 2:30pm on May 1, 2020. Given the circumstances, we introduced a new award “Best Project Pivot”. This was for the team that did the best job adjusting to the Covid-19 circumstances to still achieve a great result. Thank you to all of our Industry/Department project supporters and I hope you enjoy the Virtual Expo!

Jim Hartman, Director – Industrial Solutions Laboratory

Click HERE for Senior Design 1 Voice Embedded Posters

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