2018 Spring Projects

Click on the project name to see the Project’s Statement of Work.

B = Bioengineering
E = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
Cp = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering
M = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

Projects are posted as the company indicates they will support a project.

NOTE 1: NASA Projects require US Citizenship
NOTE 2: Motor Sports ME students are given preference on all motor sports projects
NOTE 3: Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects

Supporter Discipline Project Name Energy
Ametek M, SE Optimization of Project Management Process
Orano USA (previously Areva) M Next Generation Reactor Containment Building Study E
Framatome (previously Areva) M, CpE, E Design and Build a Logrithmic Picoammeter E
Bosch Rexroth M, E Water Recovery – Assisted Flushing System E
EPRI M Seismic Spent Fuel Storage Sloshing Analysis E
EPRI M Thermal Energy Storage Prototype E
UNC Charlotte Facilities Management M, SE Design an Optimization Model for Campus Building Utilities E
UNC Charlotte Facilities Management M Design of SCADA system for Water Management E
General Steel Drum M, E Drum Cooling Apparatus
Hantover M, E Safety Kill Switch Design
Husqvarna M, CpE, E Conversion of a Gas Powered ZTR to Battery Power
KEYper Systems M, Cpe, E Asset Storage Solution
Kooks Custom Headers M, E Automation of Collector Cell
Bosch Community Fund/NC Transportation Museum M, E Design and build a STEM exhibit on Sustainable Energy for Rail Propulsion for NC Transportation Museum E
Siemens SE Redesign of Product Development Process
Structure Medical M, CpE Automated Cleaning Device for 5 Axis Machining Centers
UNC Charlotte ECE Department Cpe, E Solar Panal Companion Inverter (SPCI) E
UNC Charlotte ME Department M, E Stair Climbing Wheelchair
UNC Charlotte Industrial Solutions Laboratory M Senior Engineering Design Toolkit
UNC Charlotte ECE Department M IEEE Disaster Relief Energy and Communications Enclosures
UNC Charlotte Biomed Department M Microneedles Test Kit