2016 Fall Projects

Click on the project name to see the Project’s Statement of Work.

B = Bioengineering
E = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
Cp = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering
M = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

Projects are posted as the company indicates they will support a project.

NOTE 1: NASA Projects require US Citizenship
NOTE 2: Motor Sports ME students are given preference on all motor sports projects
NOTE 3: Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects

Supporter Discipline Project Name Energy
AREVA M, SE Used Fuel Dry Transfer System M
Carolinas Health Care System B, E, M CHS Automatic Non-Invasive Doppler BP Device.pdf
Carrier (UTC) E, M, SE Greenhouse Gas and Water Reduction Plan E, M
Carrier (UTC) E, M Refrigerant System Moisture Detector
Carrier (UTC) M Air Conditioner Fan Analysis and Simulation M
Center for Precision Metrology B, M 3D Body Scanner
CMC MED-1 E, M Microgrid for International Disaster Reponse E, M
Curtiss Wright M Shot Nozzle Design Part 2
Discovery Place Cp, E, M Interactive Topographic Map
Dixon Quick Coupling Cp, E, M Air Flow Tester
Duke Energy Cp, E Meter and Device Placement for Volt/Var Control in Distribution Systems E
Dunham E, M, SE Wheelchair Automatic Lift
EPRI Cp, M, SE A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility-Scale PV Plants E, M
EPRI E, M Rector Vessel Closure Head Penetration Pre-PT Cleaning Device E, M
EPRI Cp, E, M Remote Thermal Fatigue Measurement E, M
EPRI M Testing of SH/RH Tubing M
EPRI E, M Two-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor Near Distribution Lines E, M
Facilities Management E, M Photovoltaic Array Design for Parking Deck E, M
Facilities Management E, M Solar Study at Regional Utility Plants E, M
Husqvarna M CVT Design for Current LT Tractor
Husqvarna M Blade Air Foil Optimization
Hy Mobility E, M Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle E, M
Ingersoll Rand Cp, E Industrial Controller IO Simulator
Ingersoll Rand Cp, E Update of Industrial Controller Firmare
Livingston and Haven SE Evaluation of Operation of Manufacturing Centers
Metal Works Mfg. E, M Ballistic Test Equipment Multi-Axis Precision Barrel Alignment
Navair E, M OBOGS Water Removal System
Nucor M Paint Booth Spray Nozzle Optimization
Pemco M Oil Well Service Rig Stabilization
R Thomas Engineering Cp, E, M BNC Energy Charger E, M
RSC E, M, SE Mixrooom Material Handling
Schaeffler Group USA E, M, SE High-force Electromagnetic Actuation Device for Automotive Applications
Technimark M, SE e-Commerce Packaging
UNC Charlotte M Opto-Mechanical Design of 1/5th Scale Freeform Telescope M
UNC Charlotte B Analysis of Drug Loading and Release Kinetics
UNC Charlotte M Replication System for Production of Free Form Optics from Toroidal Substrates
UNC Charlotte B Development of Nanoplasmonic Aptasensor for Neurodegenerative Disorders
UNC Charlotte M Formula SAE Race Car Testing, Development and Competition
UNC Charlotte M SAE Baja Race Car Testing, Development and Competition
UNC Charlotte M Water Channel Rolling Road
UNC Charlotte M Diesel Engine Exhaust Heat Recovery System
UNC Charlotte M Autocross Car Testing, Development and Competition
UNC Charlotte M Drab Race Car Testing, Development and Competition
UNC Charlotte M 1968 Corvette Drive train Tuning
UNC Charlotte M Development of an Improved Suspension System for Chevy Suburban
UNC Charlotte M Gas Turbine Test Rig
UNCC ECE E, M Analytics for Energy Efficient Buildings E, M
UNCC MEES B Construction of a Mini Brain System
UNCC SEEM SE Manufacturing Campus Study
UNCC/IEEE Cp, E, M Robot Challenge
UNCC/NASA Cp, E, M, SE Astrobotics
UNCC/NASA Cp, E, M, SE USLI Competition
United Technologies Corporation (UTC) E, M Pinsetter Machine for 800 Series Horns
USAFRL E, M, SE Design Challenge
Vanguard Pai Lung E, M, SE Automation of Knit Cam Manufacturing
Vanguard Pai Lung E, M, SE Plant Energy Assessment E, M
Verizon Cp, E, SE Campus Wireless Service Enhancement