2019 Fall Projects

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EE = Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology
CpE = Computer Engineering
Cv = Civil Engineering
ME = Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
SE = Systems Engineering

NOTE 1: Motorsports ME students are given preference on all Motorsports projects
NOTE 2: Energy concentration majors are given preference on all projects marked as energy projects
NOTE 3: Biomedical ME students are given preference on all biomedical projects
NOTE 4: CPM ME students are given preference on all CPM projects

Project Supporter Project Name Discipline Concentration 
Ametek CSI Design and Build a Scale Model of an Operation Flow and Pressure Device  EE, ME  
AO Smith In-Process Leak Detector System CpE, EE, ME  
ASML  Active Inertial Damping of Robot Vibrations CpE, EE, ME  
Bakkavor Comprehensive Energy Audit and Recommendations for improvement EE, ME, SE Energy
Bosch Rexroth Develop Expansion of the UNC Charlotte Engineering Senior Design Tool Kit Website EE, ME  
CAPER Mini D-VAR Modeling and Analysis CpE, EE Energy
Carrier UTC Data Acquisition System for Industrial Materials - Phase 2 CpE, EE  
Carrier UTC ANSYS Result Report Automation CpE, EE, ME  
Carrier UTC Development of Water Mist System for Evaporative Cooling in Chiller Application EE, ME  
Charlotte Douglas International Airport Baggage Handling Load Balancing and System Optimization SE  
CIRCOR Augmented Cooling for Twin-Screw Pumps ME  
CommScope Design of a Test Apparatus for RJ-45 Connectors CpE, EE, ME  
Corning Optical Communications Automation of a Fiber Optic Cable Stripping Operation - Phase 2 EE, ME  
Dixon Quick Coupling Modular Plates for Connection of Multiple Hydraulic Couplers  ME  
Duke Energy Load Profiles of Customer Classes and Feeder Voltage Profile CpE, EE Energy
Duke Energy - McGuire/Zachary Engineering Dynamic Modeling of McGuire Nuclear Station 7KV Switchgear and Pump Motor Loads EE, ME Energy
EPRI A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility-Scale PV Plants - Phase 4 CpE, EE, ME  
EPRI  Conceptual Design of Vacuum Boxes for Fuel Pool Liner Inspection CpE, EE, ME, SE  
EPRI Underground Transmission Manhole Vault Inspection System CpE, EE, ME  
EPRI Wind Turbine Design Project CpE, EE ME Energy
Fontaine Modification Adjustable Floor Riser ME  
Freightliner Custom Chassis Design of Material Handling Fixtures and Equipment for Large Steel Fram Rails ME Motorsports
GKN ePowertrain Assembly Training Station CpE, EE, ME  
Hunter-Douglas Design and Build a Test Fixture to Characterize New Blind Material CpE, ME  
Ingersoll Rand Compressor Heat Recovery and Energy Storage System - CHESS EE, ME Energy
Ingersoll Rand Small Reciprocating Compressor Efficiency Improvement  ME  
Jim Myers and Sons Inc Improved Design for MEGA-Settler Plate Line Handling Fixtures ME, SE  
Lowe's Burst Pressure Test Apparatus CpE, EE, ME  
LS Energy Solutions Design of an Alarm and Fire Suppression System for EES Facilities CpE, EE, ME  
NAVAIR Crew Position Indication and Recording System CpE, EE  
NAVAIR Automation of APU Compressor Wheel Material Removal Balance Operation CpE, EE, ME  
Orano USA Optimization Study for Off-Loading the Shearon Harris Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool using TAD Canisters  ME, SE  
Polymers Technology Center Automation of Precision Weighing Station EE, ME  
QORVO RF-3 Port Automated Calibration Box CpE, EE, ME  
QuEST Global Low Cycle Fatigue Evaluation Tool CpE, ME  
Schaeffler Group Design and Build of a Servo Press Module Assembly EE, ME  
Schweitzer Engineering Labs Comparative Evaluation of Power Distribution System Models and its Effects on Protection System using Real-Time Digital Simulators EE Energy
Siemens Energy Analysis of Thermosiphon Hole Geometry ME  
Siemens Energy Generator Rotor Coil FEA Model Validation ME Energy
Siemens Energy Design of Large Machine Tool Fixture ME  
Stabilus Portable Gas Spring Extension Velocity Testing Device EE, ME  
Stallergenes Greer USA Design of an Improved Mycology Lab Process ME BioMed
TC Transcontinental Advance Coatings Precision Measurement of Coating Dies ME CPM
Timken Design for Improved Ergonomics for Shot Blast Operation EE, ME  
Tristone Flowtech Design and Build and Test of a Pressure Pulsation Test Rig EE, ME  
UNC Charlotte ECE Real-Time Information Retrieval from Networked Camera System using Mobile Mixed Reality Device - Phase 2 CpE, EE  
UNC Charlotte ECE Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities CpE, EE  
UNC Charlotte ET Occupancy-Based Control of Variable-Air-Volume Terminal Boxes CpE, EE, ME  
UNC Charlotte ET AFRL University Design Challenge CpE, EE, ME, SE  
UNC Charlotte ET NASA Lunabotics Engineering Competition  CpE, EE, ME, SE  
UNC Charlotte ME Cryopreservation of Large Volumes of Hepatocytes - Phase 2 ME Biomedical
UNC Charlotte ME High Speed Slide for Ultra-Precision Machining ME  
UNC Charlotte ME Optimization and Assembly of a Confocal Optic CpE, EE, ME CPM
UNC Charlotte ME BAJA SAE Competition Team ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte ME Formula SAE Competition Team ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte ME Efficient Robotic Locomotion via Deep Reinforcement Learning CpE, EE, ME  
UNC Charlotte ME NASA University Student Launch Initiative CpE, EE, ME, SE  
UNC Charlotte ME Aerodynamic Development and Dynamic Prediction of a Short Track Race Vehicle ME Motorsports 
UNC Charlotte ME Safety Glasses Dispensing Machine CpE, EE, ME  
UNC Charlotte ME KTM 500 Engine Development ME Motorsports
UNC Charlotte SE Development of Agile Supply Chain Tool Using AGV SE  
UNC Charlotte SE Risk-Aware Decision-Support System for Construction Project of Large-Scale Engineering Structures SE  
UNC Charlotte SE IISE Logistics and Supply Chain Division Student Case Competition SE