2018 Spring Expo

The Spring 2018 Expo was held on May 3 on Halton Arena floor in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center. More than 460 students participated. There were 61 completed projects that were showcased, 45 of which were completed with industry supporters. In addition, 24 posters were displayed for projects that will be completed in December 2018, 14 of them with industry supporters.

Of the completed projects that were presented at the Spring Expo, 12 were picked as finalists for Best Project. These projects were determined from a combination of graded submissions throughout both semesters of the project, as well as recommendations from faculty mentors, grading instructors, and industry supporters. The 12 Best Project finalists were notified on the day of the Expo. During the showcase, these projects were scored by 10 independent judges to determine the best project. The top three projects were recognized at the Expo.

The 12 Best Project Finalists:

USLI_COMP3 – USLI Competition 3

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte/NASA University Student Launch Initiative (USLI)
  • Mentor(s): Jerry Dahlberg

AREVA_IMP – Alternative Impact Limiter Designs for Used Nuclear Fuel Shipping Casks

  • Supporter: Orano (previously Areva)
  • Mentor(s): Aixi Zhou

EPRI_MAIN2 – A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility Scale PV Plants (Phase 2)

  • Supporter: EPRI
  • Mentor(s): Dan Hoch, Deb Sharer

INTER_TEST – Drum Motor Test Rig

  • Supporter: Interroll
  • Mentor(s): Joshua Tarbutton

BALDOR_WAR – Warehouse Management System Enhancement

  • Supporter: Baldor
  • Mentor(s): Ertunga Ozelkan

UNCC_EMBED – Real-Time Embedded Object Detection and Tracking

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
  • Mentor(s): Hamid Tabkhi

DINA_SPOOL – Optical Cable Spooling Device

  • Supporter: Dinamic Oil
  • Mentor(s): Joshua Tarbutton

CONT_GROOV – Tire Design Model to Prevent Groove Wander

  • Supporter: Continental Tire
  • Mentor(s): Peter Tkacik

CIVIL – Matthews Land Development Project Division 2 – Land Development/Environmental

  • Supporter: Urban Design Partners
  • Mentor(s): David Naylor, William Saunders

TECM_SOUND – Test Apparatus to Correlate Sound to Force

  • Supporter: Technimark
  • Mentor(s): Maciej Noras

TTI_TEST – Manipulative Effort Test Station Automation

  • Supporter: TTI Floorcare
  • Mentor(s): Tom Chervenak, Dan Hoch

TEC_SPRAY – Automotive High Pressure Spray Test System

  • Supporter: TE Connectivity
  • Mentor(s): Thomas Koch

The top three projects for the Spring 2018 expo:

1st Place Bill Heybruck Award – USLI Competition 3

2nd Place – Automotive High Pressure Spray Test System

3rd Place – Real-Time Embedded Object Detection and Tracking