2017 Spring Expo

The Spring 2017 Expo was held on May 4 on the Halton Arena floor in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center. More than 470 students participated. There were 56 completed projects that were showcased, 40 of which were completed with industry supporters. In addition, 26 posters were displayed for projects that will be completed in Fall 2017, 17 of them with industry supporters.

Of the completed projects that were presented, 9 were picked as finalists for Best Project. These projects were determined from a combination of graded submissions throughout both semesters of the projects, as well as recommendations from faculty mentors, grading instructors, and industry supporters. The 9 Best Project finalists were notified the day of the Expo. During the showcase, these projects were scored by 12 independent judges to determine the best project. The top three were recognized at the Expo.


CARR_MOIST – Refrigerant System Moisture Detector

  • Supporter: Carrier UTC
  • Mentor(s): Thomas Koch

CPM_3DSCAN – Artifact Design and Evaluation for 3D Scanning

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte Center for Precision Metrology
  • Mentor(s): Tony Schmitz, Nigel Zheng

EPRI_MAINT – A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility Scale PV Plants

  • Supporter: EPRI
  • Mentor(s):

EPRI_MFS – Two-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor Near Distribution Lines

  • Supporter: EPRI
  • Mentor(s): Benny Rodriguez

EPRI_THERFAT – Remote Thermographic Applications for Monitoring Thermal Fatigue

  • Supporter: EPRI
  • Mentor(s): Aixi Zhou

UNCC_TELE – Opto-Mechanical Design of 1/5th Scale Freeform Telescope

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte
  • Mentor(s): Matt Davies

USAF_DES – Desgin Challange

  • Supporter: United States Air Force Research Lab
  • Mentor(s): Aidan Browne, Jim Conrad

VPL_ENERGY – Energy Consumption Optimization

  • Supporter: Vanguard Pai Lung
  • Mentor(s): Don Blackmon, Sherman Mumford

CIVIL – Lincoln County Business Park Division 1 – Environmental Team

  • Supporter: Urban Design Partners
  • Mentor(s): William Saunders


1st Place Bill Heybruck Award Winner – Opto-Mechanical Design of 1/5th Scale Freeform Telescope

2nd Place – USAFRL Design Challenge

3rd Place – Refrigerant System Moisture Detector