2016 Fall Expo

The Fall 2016 Expo was held on December 9 on the Halton Arena track in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center. More than 415 students participated. There were 27 completed projects that were showcased, 17 of which were completed with industry supporters. In addition, 56 posters were displayed for projects that will be completed in Spring 2017, 40 of them with industry supporters.

Of the completed projects that were presented at the Fall Expo, 9 were picked as finalists for Best Project. These projects were determined from a combination of graded submissions throughout both semesters of the project, as well as recommendations from faculty mentors, grading instructors, and industry supporters. The 9 Best Project finalists were notified on the day for the Expo. During the showcase, these projects were scored by 12 independent judges to determine a winner. The top three projects were recognized at the Expo.


IR_PROJ – Pneumatic Pump Energy Harvesting System

  • Supporter: Ingersoll Rand
  • Mentor(s): Steve Patterson

SEAIR_SCAN – Box Scanner

  • Supporter: Sealed Air
  • Mentor(s): Steve Patterson

UNCC_CHIS – Microchiseling Techniques

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Mentor(s): Matt Davies, Joseph Owen

FM_ELECVEH – Self Charging Vehicle

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte Facilities Management
  • Mentor(s): Deb Sharer

SIEM_ROTOR – Generator Rotor Blade Automated Sequencing

  • Supporter: Siemens
  • Mentor(s): John Ziegert

UNCC_DEMO1 – Interactive Demonstration Device

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mentor(s): Nan BouSaba, Ryan Adams

UNCC_ECSED – Electroluminescence Characterization System for Electronic Devices

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mentor(s): Nan BouSaba, Aba Ebong

XP_BAR2 – Bump Bar Design 2

  • Supporter: Xpient
  • Mentor(s): Arindam Mukherjee

CIVIL – Campus Stormwater Project

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Mentor(s): David Naylor, Wes Webb, Mike Lizotte


1st Place Bill Heybruck Award – Pneumatic Pump Energy Harvesting System

2nd Place – Microchiseling Techniques

3rd Place – Box Scanner