2019 Spring Expo

The Spring 2019 Expo was held on May 6 in Halton Arena in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center. More than 520 students participated. There were 54 completed projects that were showcased, 41 of which were completed with industry supporters. In addition, 33 posters were displayed for projects that will be completed in December 2019, 23 of them with industry supporters. Of the completed projects that were presented at the Fall Expo, 18 were picked as finalists for Best Project. These projects were determined from a combination of graded submissions throughout both semesters of the project, as well as recommendations from faculty mentors, grading instructors, and industry supporters. The 18 Best Project finalists were notified on the day of the Expo. During the showcase, these projects were scored by 10 independent judges to determine the best project. The top three projects were recognized at the Expo. In addition to the Best Project Finalists Awards that were given to the completed projects, a People’s Choice Award was created for the projects to be completed in December. This award was voted on by the public that attended the Expo.

the 18 best project finalists:

CARR_CHILL – Analysis and Mitigation of Measurement and Result Variability in Carrier Air Cooled Chiller Lab

  • Supporter: Carrier UTC
  • Mentor: Jerry Dahlberg, Navid Goudarzi

CLT_BAGS – System Analysis and Simulation of Baggage Handling System to Determine Improvements in the Operation

  • Supporter: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Mentor: Yesim Sireli

COMMS_IOT – IoT Data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Demonstration Design

  • Supporter: CommScope
  • Mentor: Fareena Saqib, Nan BouSaba

DIV_WASH2 – Design of a Wireless Conductivity and Temperature Sensor for Industrial Dishwashers

  • Supporter: Diversty Inc.
  • Mentor: Kevin Lindsay

DUKE_BLOCK – Blockchain Peer-to-Peer Trading

  • Supporter: Duke Energy
  • Mentor: Umit Cali

DUKE_METR3 – Meter and Device Placement for Duke Distribution Circuits – Phase 3

  • Supporter: Duke Energy
  • Mentor: Valentina Cecchi, Sukumar Kamalasadan

EPRI_DFACE – Monitor Underwater Sediment Collection Behind Dam Face

  • Supporter: EPRI
  • Mentor: Thomas Koch

EPRI_HYPER – Hyperspectral Imaging Pipe Platform

  • Supporter: EPRI
  • Mentor: Umit Cali

​EPRI_POOL – Design of a ROV for Spent Fuel Pool NDE Sensor Delivery

  • Supporter: EPRI
  • Mentor: Amir Ghasemi, Jerry Dahlberg

FONT_MOD – Design of a Modular Scaffolding System

  • Supporter: Fontaine Modification
  • Mentor: Tom Chervenak, Dan Hoch

HUSQ_STEER – Telescope and Tilt Steering Wheel

  • Supporter: Husqvarna
  • Mentor: Jun Xu

NVDA_DETEC – Real-Time Embedded Object Detection and Tracking

  • Supporter: NVIDIA
  • Mentor: Hamed Tabkhi, Nan BouSaba

ORANO_FUEL – Design of Improved Handling Options for Used Nuclear Fuel Canisters

  • Supporter: Orano USA
  • Mentor: Ashley Spry

PCE_COOL – Automation of Cooling System for Analytical Instruments

  • Supporter: Polymers Center of Excellence
  • Mentor: Thomas Koch

STAB_TEST – Gas Spring Pressure Testing Device for DOT Requirements

  • Supporter: Stabilus
  • Mentor: Thomas Koch

STEEL_COVR – Automation of Cover Removal System

  • Supporter: General Steel Drum
  • Mentor: Amir Ghasemi

USLI_COMP4 – NASA University Student Launch Initiative

  • Supporter: NASA and UNC Charlotte
  • Mentor: Jerry Dahlberg

CIVIL – NC Transportation Musuem Improvements

  • Supporter: NC Transportation Museum
  • Mentor: David Naylor

The top three projects for the spring 2019 Expo:

University Student Launch Initiative Competition 4 Team
1st Place – NASA University Student Launch Initiative

2nd Place – Stabilus Gas Spring Pressure Testing Device for DOT Requirements

3rd Place – Duke Energy Blockchain P2P Trading

The people’s choice award winner:

CAT_LADD – Redesign of Cab Access System for a Front End Loader