2018 Fall Expo

The Fall 2018 Expo was held on December 7 on Halton Arena floor in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center. More than 440 students participated. There were 24 completed projects that were showcased, 14 of which were completed with industry supporters. In addition, 54 posters were displayed for projects that will be completed in May 2019, 41 of them with industry supporters. Of the completed projects that were presented at the Fall Expo, 10 were picked as finalists for Best Project. These projects were determined from a combination of graded submissions throughout both semesters of the project, as well as recommendations from faculty mentors, grading instructors, and industry supporters. The 10 Best Project finalists were notified on the day of the Expo. During the showcase, these projects were scored by 13 independent judges to determine the best project. The top three projects were recognized at the Expo.


CIVIL – Mount Pleasant Landfill and Development Design and Analysis

  • Supporter: UNC Charlotte / Urban Design Partners
  • Mentor: David Naylor

    AMETEK_PM – Optimization of Project Management Process

    • Supporter: Ametek CSI
    • Mentor: Gabriel Zenarosa

    AREVA_NGEN – Next Generation Reactor Containment Building Study

    • Supporter: Orano USA (Previously AREVA)
    • Mentor: Thomas Koch

    EPRI_SLOSH – Seismic Spent Fuel Storage

    • Supporter: EPRI
    • Mentor: Meg Harkins

    HUSQ_BATT – Conversion of a Gas Powered Zero-Turn Mower to Battery Power

    • Supporter: Husqvarna
    • Mentors: Yawo Amengonu, Mihail Cutitaru

    HANT_SAFE – Safety Kill Switch Design

    • Supporter: Hantover
    • Mentor: Dan Hoch

    NCTM_STEM – Design of a STEM Exhibit of Energy for Rail Propulsion

    • Supporter: NC Transportation Museum / Bosch Community Fund
    • Mentors: Shen-en Chen, Jim Hartman

    SIEMENS_DR – Redesign of Product Development Process

    • Supporter: Siemens Energy
    • Mentor: Gary Teng

    UNCC_STAIR – Stair Climbing Wheelchair

    • Supporter: UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering Department
    • Mentor: Amir Ghasemi

    STEEL_DRUM – Drum Cooling Apparatus

    • Supporter: General Steel Drum
    • Mentor: Jerry Dahlberg

    the top three projects for the fall 2018 expo:

    1st Place – HUSQ_BATT – conversion OF A Gas POWERED zero-tURN MOWER TO battery power

    2nd Place – HANT_SAFE – safety KILL SWITCH DESIGN