Spring 2022 Senior Design 1 Poster Presentations

spring 2022 Senior Design 1 Poster Presentations

Welcome to our Spring 2022 Expo! On this page, you will see all of our Senior Design 1 projects.

Column 1 has the Company or Department that is sponsoring the project. Column 2 is the Project Short Name and Column 3 has the Project Title. Column 4 lists the Best Poster Presentation Finalists. Click on the project to start viewing the narrated poster presentation.

Thank you to all of our Industry/Department project supporters and I hope you enjoy the Virtual Expo!

Jim Hartman, Director – Industrial Solutions Laboratory

Project Supporter Project Short Name Project Poster Presentation Poster Finalists
ASML ASML_FUSION2 Precision Mechanics Applications of Metal Fusion Fastening Methods – Phase 2 Best Poster Finalist
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering BIO_ROBOTIC Low-Cost Robotic Arm
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering BIO_SCREW Threading of SiC Composite Cylinders to Make Biocompatible Fixation Screws Best Poster Finalist
Caterpillar CAT_STORAGE Design and build a Portable Storage Unit for the Small Wheel Loader Cab Best Poster Finalist
Daimler Trucks DAIM_AIR Design of an Improved Air Leak Test Process for Pneumatic Components During Truck Assembly
Dixon Quick Coupling DIXON_CHIP Automated CNC Chip Removal System
Duke Energy DUKE_HYDRATION Design of a Portable Hydration Monitor Best Poster Finalist
Electrolux ELEC_NOISE Noise Reduction of Residential Dishwasher Best Poster Finalist
EPRI EPRI_ARC Generator Brush/Collector Ring ARC Flash Energy Calculation Method
EPRI EPRI_WELDS3 Design of a Proof-of-Concept Tool to Assess Welding Quality using Sound or Vibration – Phase 3
Freightliner Custom Chassis FCCC_TRANSFER Design of an Improved Chassis Transfer Method
Framatome FRAM_CRAWLER In-pipe Crawler Integration Design Best Poster Finalist
Husqvarna HUSQ_BATTERY In-Field Fleet Battery Charging Solution Best Poster Finalist
Husqvarna HUSQ_QUIET Quiet Leaf Blower
Husqvarna HUSQ_SNOW Two Stage Snow Blower Ground Clearing
JELD-WEN JELDWEN_WINDOW Design of Material Handling Device for Large Windows Best Poster Finalist
Kaleideum Museum KALEID_SANDBOX Design a Portable AR Sandbox for Outreach Events
Legrand LEG_BUFFER Design of a Universal Robotic Work Cell Buffer Best Poster Finalist
Nucor Vulcraft NUC_AUDIT Comprehensive Energy Audit and Recommendations for Improvements Best Poster Finalist
Oerlikon OER_SMART Smart Container for Metal Powder used in Additive Manufacturing
Schweitzer Engineering Labs SEL_HAND Advanced Human Machine Interfacing Through The Use of Hand Gesturing in 3D Space
Siemens Energy SIEM_CLEAN Design of Cleaning System for Large Generator Components Best Poster Finalist
Stabilus STAB_STROKE Damper Stroke Speed Tester
TTI Floor Care TTI_CARPET Carpet Extractor Test Automation
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering UNCC_ME_AQUATIC Mechanical communication between mobile robots in a shared aquatic medium
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering UNCC_ME_PATH Design and Test path tracking and obstacle avoidance algorithms on a semi-automated vehicle
UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering UNCC_ME_TRANSPORT A Scaled Smart City for Experimental Validation of the Next-Generation of Transportation Networks
UNC Charlotte Systems Engineering UNCC_SE_DRONE Design of Agile Supply Chain via Drone Technology
UNC Charlotte Systems Engineering UNCC_SE_EYE Data Analytics for Facility Layout Design Optimization via Virtual Reality with Eye-Tracking
Westinghouse WEST_COLD Design of a Working Prototype of a Cold Energy Storage System