Fall 2021 Senior Design 1 Poster Presentations

Fall 2021 Senior Design 1 Poster Presentations

Welcome to our Fall 2021 Expo! On this page, you will see all of our Senior Design 1 projects.

Column 1 has the Company or Department that is sponsoring the project. Column 2 is the Project Short Name and Column 3 has the Project Title. Column 4 lists the Best Poster Presentation Finalists. Click on the project to start viewing the narrated poster presentation.

Thank you to all of our Industry/Department project supporters and I hope you enjoy the Virtual Expo!

Jim Hartman, Director – Industrial Solutions Laboratory

Project Supporter Project Short Name Project Poster Presentation Poster Finalists
Annihilare ANNIHILARE_CHEM Process Chemistry Measurement System
ASML ASML_FUSION Precision Mechanics Applications of Metal Fusion Fastening Methods
Atom Power ATOM_SSCB Intelligent Robotic Actuators for High Effecient Test Bed for SSCB
Barrday Corp BARRDAY_WEFT Weft Cutting Optimized for Aramid Yarns on Airjet Weaving Machines Best Poster Finalist
Belmont Trolley TROLLEY_BATT Retrofit Design of Trolley from Diesel to Battery Power
CAPER CAPER_LOAD A BEES Distributed Intelligence Application for Native Load Energy Management
Carrier CARR_AUTO Design Automation to Support Commercial HVAC Chiller Products
Carrier CARR_MIST3 Development of a Water Mist System for Evaporative Cooling in Chiller Operations – 30 XV or 30RC – Phase 3 Best Poster Finalist
CIRCOR CIR_WEAR2 Twin-Screw Pump Wear Testing – Phase 2
CIRCOR CIR_ZENITH Zenith Gear Pump Leakage Model
ClickFold Plastics CLICKFOLD_BEVEL Automation of a Bevel Trim Station Best Poster Finalist
Continental Tire CONT_TEST Design and Development of an Engineering Test Fixture for Retread Tire Testing
Continental Tire CONT_TREAD Design of a High Capacity Tread Loading Cartridge
Duke Energy DUKE_FRICTION Design of a Frictionless Charging Station
Electrolux ELEC_SHADOW Design and Build of a Portable Shadowgraph System Best Poster Finalist
Endress+Houser / Carotek EH_DEMO Design and Build of a Fluid Dynamics Lab Demonstration Apparatus
EPRI EPRI_ERODE Steam Turbine Solid Particle Erosion Damage Vulnerability Detection Method
EPRI EPRI_MAIN6 A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility-Scale PV Plants – Phase 6 Best Poster Finalist
EPRI EPRI_ULTRASONIC Encoding Manual Ultrasonic Testing in Industrial Nondestructive Evaluation
EPRI EPRI_ZEEK Cyber Security Detection Using a Zeek Raspberry PI Sensor
Fontaine Modification FONT_MEASURE Universal Commercial Truck Drive Shaft and Wheelbase Measuring System
Freightliner Custom Chassis FCCC_VR Design of a Virtual Reality Training Tool Best Poster Finalist
GKN Automotive GKN_DATA Design of a Modular Mechanical Data Acquisition system for Assembly Stations
GKN Automotive GKN_INSPECT Automation of Inspection Function to Reduce Part Handling Best Poster Finalist
Ingersoll Rand Company IR_DEMISTER Electrostatic Oil Demister for a Rotary Screw Air Compressor
J&L Machine and Fabrication J&L_OPS Operations Re-engineering
Lawrence Livermore Labs LLL_GOM Mobile Metrology Station for GOM Structured Light Scanner
Lowe’s LOWES_STATION2 Design and Build of a Test Certification Station – Phase 2
Michelin Aircraft Tire Company MICHELIN_DRUM Design of an Auto-Collapse Drum Best Poster Finalist
NAVAIR NAV_AH1Z AH-1Z Weapon Pylon Sling Design Best Poster Finalist
NAVAIR NAV_BLADE Design of a H-53 Blade Lifting Device Best Poster Finalist
NAVAIR NAV_BUS Design of a MIL-STD-1553 Bus Analyzer Best Poster Finalist
NAVAIR NAV_F402 Development of a Mechanical Method of Measurement for the F402 (Harrier) Hot Nozzle Best Poster Finalist
Orano ORANO_TWIN Digital Twin for Power Distribution from an Advanced Reactor to a Power Grid with Renewables and to Alternative Energy Production Methods
Oxit OXIT_LORAWAN LoRaWan Based Panic Button
Pallet Tower LLC PALLET_MARK Real-Time Customizable Marking of Product During Extrusion and Laminating Process
Polymers Center of Excellence PCE_MOLD2 Injection Mold Exchange Cart Motorization
Schaeffler Group SG_SEAT2 Active Suspension Driver Seat – Phase 2
Schweitzer Engineering Labs SEL_DOMINION Comparative Evaluation of Two Digital Secondary Systems for a Transmission Substation at Dominion Energy
Siemens Energy SIEM_HD9 HD-9 Adjustable Fixture Stand Design
Siemens Energy SIEM_PLUG Design of a Pressurized Rotor Plug Seal
Thomas Built Buses TBB_LUGGAGE Redesign of a Common Luggage Compartment for Buses
US Legend Cars International USLCI_ENGINE Research and Design for Improved Engine Performance
USASOC USASOC_RECHARGE Remote Drone Recharging
WEBER WEBER_BRAKE Design of a Non-Destructive Feed Brake for Screw Delivery
UNC Charlotte COE UNCC_COE_G3ARM Design and Fabrication of a Hand-Held Extendable Mechanical Manipulator
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_ECE_ALGO Robotic Delivery System for UNCC Campus – Algorithm Design and Implementation
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_ECE_PIEZO Dynamically Steerable Metasurface Antennas Using Piezoelectric Actuators Best Poster Finalist
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_ECE_MAP Robotic Delivery System for UNCC Campus – Map Generation and Path Planning
UNC Charlotte ET LUNA_COMP3 NASA Robotic Mining Competition: Lunabotics
UNC Charlotte ET UNCC_AFRL4 AFRL University Design Competition
UNC Charlotte ME BIO_VITRIFY Rapid Vitrifying and Rewarming Device for Large Quantities of Cells
UNC Charlotte ME FSAE_COMBUSTION FSAE Internal Combustion Vehicle
UNC Charlotte ME FSAE_ELEC2 FSAE Electric Vehicle
UNC Charlotte ME UNCC_ME_MAGNET Magnetorheological Linear Motor
UNC Charlotte ME UNCC_ME_RESPONSE Dynamic Responses of Advanced Materials
UNC Charlotte ME USLI_COMP7 NASA University Student Launch Initiative
UNC Charlotte SE UNCC_TRAN2 Transportation Infrastructure Perception Data Fusion and Detection Using AI Technology – Phase 2