Fall 2020 Senior Design 1 Poster Presentations

fall 2020 senior design 1 poster Presentations

Welcome to our Fall 2020 Virtual Expo! On this page, you will see all of our Senior Design 1 projects.

Column 1 has the Company or Department that is sponsoring the project. Column 2 is the Project Short Name and Column 3 has the Project Title. Click on the project to start viewing the narrated poster presentation.

Thank you to all of our Industry/Department project supporters and I hope you enjoy the Virtual Expo!

Jim Hartman, Director – Industrial Solutions Laboratory

Project Supporter Project Short Name Project Poster Presentation
Actev Robotics ACTEV_RADAR Radar Obstacle Detection System
Atrium Health AH_ACL Biomechanical Analysis of Supplemental ACL Reconctruction Tibial-Sided Fixation
Atrium Health AH_CRYO Cryotherapy to Prevent Radiation-Induced Dermatitis and/or Alopecia
Ametek CSI AMETEK_PD2 Design and Build of a Scale Model of an Operating Flow and Pressure Device – Phase 2
Barnabas Research BAR_SCUBA SCUBA AR Integration Project
UNC Charlotte ME – Biomedical BIO_NERVE Hypoxia Nerve Injury in the Microfluidic Platform
Bosch Rexroth BOSCH_TOOL2 Develop the Expansion of the UNC Charlotte Engineering Senior Design Tool Kit Website – Phase 2
CAPER CAPER_BATT Battery Energy Storage Analysis
Carrier CARR_DATA3 Data Acquisition System for Industrial Machines – Phase 3
Carrier CARR_MIST2 Development of a Water Mist System for Evaporative Cooling in Chiller Application – Phase 2
CIRCOR CIR_WEAR Twin-Screw Pump Wear Testing
City StartUp Labs CSL_AQUASOL AquaSol Project
Decore-ative Specialties Inc DECORE_GLUE Automation of Glue Application Process
Dixon Quick Coupling DIXON_PRESS Burst and Static Pressure Testing System
Duke Energy DUKE_7KV2 7KV Switchgear Digital Relay Upgrade – Phase 2
Duke Energy DUKE_VOLT2 Load Profiles of Customer Classes and Feeder Voltage Profiles – Phase 2
Electrolux ELEC_VALID Adjoint Validation Test Stand
EPRI EPRI_MAIN5 A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility Scale PV Plants – Phase 5
EPRI EPRI_ROV Design of an ROV for Containment Liner Plate Inspection
EPRI EPRI_VIS2 Underground Transmission Manhole Vault Inspection System – Phase 2
EPRI EPRI_XRAY Remote System for Radiological Survey of Vertical Surfaces
Fontaine Modification FONT_RISE2 Adjustable Floor Riser – Phase 2
UNC Charlotte ME – Motorsports FSAE_ELCHAS FSAE Electric Chassis
UNC Charlotte ME – Motorsports FSAE_POWER FSAE Powertrain
GKN ePowertrain GKN_TRAIN2 Assembly Training Station – Phase 2
Globalstratos Inc GLOBAL_ASSEZA Infrastructure Design for Asseza Multiplex Container Laboratory
UNC Charlotte – ISL ISL_CAB Investigation and Selection and Commissioning of a 3D Printing Capability for the CAB Lab
IWCS IWCS_SVITCH Design and Build of a Small Multiplex Switch Module
Lowe’s LOWES_STATION Design and Build of a Test Certification Station
UNC Charlotte ET / NASA LUNA_COMP2 NASA Robotic Mining Competition
NAVAIR NAV_H1 H-1 FST Drive Fluid Test Stand
NAVAIR NAV_PRESS Universal Fuel System Pressure Test Set
Orano USA ORANO_TAD2 Optimization Study for Off-Loading the Shearon Harris Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool using Transportable Aging and Disposal – Phase 2
Polymers Center of Excellence PCE_MOLD Design and Build of an Injection Mold Exchange and Transport Device
Powertec Industrial Motors PIM_ELEC Design and Development of Electric Motor Design Software
ReThink Respironics RETHINK_VENT The Shared Manifold Ventilator
Schweitzer Engineering Labs SEL_EVAL Comparative Evaluation of a Modern Substation with Conventional and Digital Secondary Systems
Schaeffler Group SG_SEAT Active Suspension Driver Seat
Siemens Energy SIEM_CELL Design of an Autonomous Manufacturing Process within a Robotic CNC Cell
Siemens Energy SIEM_FEA2 Generator Rotor Coil FEA Model Validation – Phase 2
SPX Flow SPX_ROTOR Redesign of Rotor Part to Achieve 30 Percent Weight Savings with 3D Metal Print Validation
Stabilus STAB_DEMO Universal Powerise Testing and Demonstration Platform
Timken TIM_ERGO2 Design for Improved Ergonomics for Shot Blast Operation
UNC Charlotte SE UNCC_3DRAPID Utilization of Experimental 3D Printing for Optimization of Rapid Prototyping
UNC Charlotte ET / Air Force Research Lab UNCC_AFRL3 Air Force Research Laboratory Universtiy Design Competition
UNC Charlotte ME – Motorsports UNCC_AUTOCROSS Autocross Suspension
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_CITY2 Artifical Intelligence for Smart Cities – Phase 2
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_FLOW2 FPGA Secure Design Flow – Phase 2
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_GLASS Real-Time Object Detection and Localization using Optical-See-Through Mixed Reality Glass
UNC Charlotte SE UNCC_LOOP Optimization of Facility Layout Design via Feedback Loop between Physical and Pyschophysical Criteria using Virtual Reality
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_META Additive Manufacturable Metasurface Antennas
UNC Charlotte ME UNCC_TEST2 Single Stage Rocket Test Stand – Phase 2
UNC Charlotte SE UNCC_TRAN Transportation Infrastructure Perception and Data Fusion
UNC Charlotte ME UNCC_VISCOUS Particle Manipulation in Viscous Streaming Flows Via Rienforcement Learning
UNC Charlotte ECE UNCC_WORK Artifical Intelligence for Powered Augmented Reality for Workers
UNC Charlotte ME / NASA USLI_COMP6 NASA Student Launch Initiative
Ward Vessel and Exchanger WARD_BEVEL Design of a Machine to Bevel Half Pipe
Will Rice WRICE_RAIL Small Track Rail Speeder