Fall 2021 Expo

Fall 2021 Expo


Welcome to our Fall 2021 Expo!  Our Fall 2021 Expo will be held in person for the first time in 2 years at the Hilton Charlotte University Place hotel on December 10, 2021 from 11am to 3pm.  For those of you who cannot come to the Expo in person, we have  created a virtual venue for our first and second semester students to show their work.  For First Semester  (SD1) students, you will see their posters via a narrated presentation.  For Second semester (SD2) students, they also have narrated posters, plus project videos that they prepared to show the work they have done during their two semesters.  At the live Expo, we will have an awards ceremony starting at 2:30pm to announce the winners of the SD1 Best Project, SD2 Best Project Video (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) and SD2 Best Project (1st, 2nd and 3rd place).  We will post the results here after the in-person Expo.  I hope you enjoy the Expo whether you are attending live or virtually and I thank you for your interest in our program.  If you are interested in participating with a project for the Fall 2022 semester.  Please contact me to discuss.

Jim Hartman, Director - Industrial Solutions Laboratory

Click HERE for Senior Design 1 Projects

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The Senior Design 2 Best Project Finalists:


1st Place - OER_RECOAT - Design and Implementation of a Smart Re-Coater in a Laser Based Metal Additive Manufacturing System

  • Industry Supporter - Oerlikon
  • Faculty Mentor - Wei Gao

2nd Place - CP_ALERT - Design of a Motor/Gear Maintenance Alert Device ‚Äč

  • Industry Supporter: Charlotte Pipe and Foundry 
  • Faculty Mentor: Thomas Koch 

3rd Place -  EPRI_FEM2 - Design of a Test Frame Based on Results of the EPRI_FEM Project

  • Industry Supporter: EPRI
  • Faculty Mentor: MIchelle Demers 

AMETEK_SULFUR - Design and Build of a Testing Device for Sulfur Run-Down Lines 

  • Industry Supporter - Ametek CSI
  • Faculty Mentor - Thomas Koch

Civil Engineering - Division 1 Land Development and Environmental 

  • Industry Supporter: UNC Charlotte Civil Engineering, Urban Design Partners
  • Faculty Mentors: David Naylor, Bill Saunders

EPRI_STEAM - Development of Alternative NDE Method for Steam Generator Tubes 

  • Industry Supporter: EPRI
  • Faculty Mentor: Michelle Demers 

EPRI_WELDS2 - Design of a Proof-of-Concept Tool to Assess Welding Quality using Sound or Vibration - Phase 3

  • Industry Supporter: EPRI
  • Faculty Mentor: Nan BouSaba 

JELDWEN_CELL - Optimization of Bi-Fold Flow Cell 

  • Industry Supporter: JELD-WEN
  • Faculty Mentor: John Dunne 

NAS_IIOT - Time Series Analysis of IIoT Gate Queuing Infrastructure 

  • Industry Supporter: NASCENT Technology 
  • Faculty Mentor: Nan BouSaba

PTC_FILAMENT - Cooling System for Extruder Filament

  • Industry Supporter: Polymers Technology Center
  • Faculty Mentor: Thomas Koch 

SBD_TEST - Design of a Product Test Lab

  • Industry Supporter: Stanley Black and Decker 
  • Faculty Mentor: Jerry Dahlberg 

UNCC_ECE_QEL - Quantative Electroluminescence 

  • Industry Supporter: UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering 
  • Faculty Mentors: Aba Ebong, Nan BouSaba

The Senior Design 1 Best Poster Finalists:


1st Place - GKN_INSPECT - Automation of Inspection Function to Reduce Part Handling 

  • Industry Supporter: GKN Automotive 
  • Faculty Mentor: John Dunne

2nd Place - BARRDAY_WEFT - Weft Cutting Optimized for Aramid Yarns on Airjet Weaving Machines 

  • Industry Supporter: Barrday Corp
  • Faculty Mentor: Wei Gao

3rd Place - CARR_MIST3 - Development of a Water Mist System for Evaporative Cooling in Chiller Operations - Phase 3

  • Industry Supporter: Carrier Corp
  • Faculty Mentor: Nan BouSaba

CLICKFOLD_BEVEL - Automation of a Bevel Trim Station

  • Industry Supporter: ClickFold Plastics 
  • Faculty Mentor: Wei Gao

ELEC_SHADOW - Design and Build of a Portable Shadowgraph System

  • Industry Supporter: Electrolux
  • Faculty Mentor: John Dunne

EPRI_MAIN6 - A Better Approach to Vegetation Management at Utility-Scale PV Plants - Phase 6

  • Industry Supporter: EPRI
  • Faculty Mentor: Nan BouSaba

FCCC_VR - Design of a Virtual Reality Training Tool

  • Industry Supporter: Freightliner Custom Chassis
  • Faculty Mentors: Jim Hartman, Thomas Steen

MICHELIN_DRUM - Design of an Auto-Collapse Drum

  • Industry Supporter: Michelin Aircraft Tire Company
  • Faculty Mentors: Peter Tkacik, Jerry Dahlberg 

NAV_AH1Z - AH-1Z Weapon Pylon Sling Design

  • Industry Supporter: NAVAIR 
  • Faculty Mentor: Jerry Dahlberg 

NAV_BLADE - Design of a H-53 Blade Lifting Device 

  • Industry Supporter: NAVAIR
  • Faculty Mentor: John Nettles

NAV_BUS - Design of a MIL-STD-1553 Bus Analyzer

  • Industry Supporter: NAVAIR
  • Faculty Mentor: Nan BouSaba

NAV_F402 - Development of a Mechanical Method of Measurement for the F402 (Harrier) Hot Nozzle

  • Industry Supporter: NAVAIR
  • Faculty Mentor: Michelle Demers 

UNCC_ECE_PIEZO - Dynamically Steerable Metasurface Antennas Using Piezoelectric Actuators 

  • Industry Supporter: UNC Charlotte Electrical and Computer Engineering 
  • Faculty Mentor: Mario Mencagli 


Voting for the Best Project Award and the Best Poster Presentation Award was done with the help of RocketJudge