Hear What Our Industry Supporters Are Saying

Message from the Director

Jim Hartman
Director, Industrial Solutions Lab


Participant Feedback

Parker Sikes

“Whether it’s the alumni we hire or the engineering students we work with, my experience so far has been nothing but excellence from UNC Charlotte.”

Lance Tucker

“We really like the hands on aspect of the program, as well as the manufacturing and other aspects that they get in to. It’s a very hands on program that works very well with us.”

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Chris Hazen

“The benefit that we have had using this program  is to do a project that my staff normally sees but we wouldn’t normally have time to fix.”

Ron Curnett

“I would definitely recommend it. It was a good experience . We got a design that kind of exceeded our expectations. We came out with something that is going to work really well.”

Bosch Rexroth
Mark Rohlinger

“This is something that we believe in, that we should support programs like this.”

Joe Noworatzky

“The students are professional… you can see them grow from when they give presentations at the beginning of the projects when they are in the design phase… (to) a day like today (Expo) when they are on the floor getting to talk to hundreds of people about what they’ve done. It’s really exciting to see the enthusiasm.” 

Schaeffler Group
Brian Lee

“This is an amazing resource for meeting young people, figuring out what their talent potential is, and bringing them in to make them a part of (your) company.” 

Siemens Energy
Hynek Lettang

“There is a level of maturity and a level of collaboration that really begins to mimic what we see in the real world and that’s a very nice exchange of ideas”